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Optical Innovation

Filmmakers embrace Panavision optics to craft indelible images that resonate with audiences around the world. Our vast inventory of proprietary lenses enables filmmakers to find the perfect match for their creative vision, and ongoing innovations keep our optics at the forefront of modern production workflows.

Product Spotlight

Ultra Panatar II

Well suited for visual effects and virtual production, Ultra Panatar II’s 1.3x squeeze helps maximize the lenses’ adaptability for different aspect ratios while meeting modern resolution requirements. 


Compact, lightweight, and offering a blend of aberration correction and artistic nuance, Panaspeed large-format spherical primes deliver high-speed performance with full-frame coverage. 

T Series

T Series anamorphics feature high contrast, balanced aberration control, excellent glare resistance, tightly controlled squeeze ratio, and minimal breathing in a lightweight, compact design. 

The optics of choice for storytellers around the world. 

"Every film is different, and I want a lens to be 100 percent correct for the images I’m trying to create. That is really a big part of how I shoot a movie."

Mandy Walker, AM, ASC, ACS
Cinematographer, Elvis

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"It’s no real surprise that Panavision is always my first stop. I love the amazing choice of optics Panavision creates and provides."

Peter Deming, ASC
Cinematographer, The Menu

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"I choose Panavision optics because of the diversity of glass that can be customized to the narrative. Panavision lenses are ever-evolving and make creativity timeless and fun."

Tommy Maddox-Upshaw, ASC
Cinematographer, The Man Who Fell To Earth Season 1

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"Choosing lenses is such a big part of the process, and it’s really important to have options. Working with Panavision, there’s the whole range."

Ari Wegner, ACS, ASC
Cinematographer, The Power Of The Dog

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"I love how unique each lens is. I love the flares and imperfections. I don’t like lenses that are too ‘perfect,’ without some character."

Zach Braff
Director, A Good Person

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"I like to come in and pull out all the lenses, anamorphic and spherical, and just see what speaks to me. There’s something quite magical about Panavision’s lenses."

Jessica Lee Gagné
Cinematographer, Severance Season 1

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"I've always been a huge fan of Panavision’s unbelievable range of glass. Each series is so unique and full of different characteristics."

Stefan Duscio, ACS
Cinematographer, Shantaram Season 1

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Find the look you’re looking for.


 Our extensive inventory of proprietary optics maximizes your creative options. Choose from legacy and modern lens series that range from soft to sharp, with varying contrast levels and optical attributes.



Options for any imager.


Panavision’s anamorphic offerings provide unmatched creative flexibility while delivering the magnification, perspective, disproportionate breathing, flare, bokeh, and focus roll-off associated with the “filmed in Panavision” look.


With options covering large-format and Super 35 imagers as well as 35mm and 65mm film, we also offer a variety of squeeze ratios — including 2x, 1.6x, and 1.3x — to maximize the effective pixels within a sensor’s native aspect ratio while yielding a traditional anamorphic feel.





Inspiring choices for all formats.


From legacy optics like Super Speeds and Ultra Speeds to the award-winning Primo lenses and their modern, large-format counterparts, Panaspeed primes, Panavision has been driving advancements in spherical lens design for decades.


Our inventory includes offerings for any project, whether shooting on digital or film, in large format or Super 35.


Alternative Optics 


Ready solutions for specialty applications.


Our alternative optics are designed to meet your needs when you’re crafting shots that call for a distinct look or unconventional setup. These solutions include Flare, Macro, Portrait, Swing Shift, and Slant Focus optics, the Frazier Lens System, and more.



Maximize your creative freedom. 


The groundbreaking Panavision LCND electronic filter offers increased flexibility on set, further enabling your creative expression. Features include: 

1-6-stop density range

4”x5.65” form factor

Local & remote control 

Top- & side-load versions

Programmable sync modes

24-hour battery life

In-house expertise.

Combining art and science. 

Research, development, design, manufacturing, service, and support. It all happens here, driven by endless curiosity and boundless passion for the art and craft of cinematography. 

Ongoing innovation. Since 1954. 

Robert Gottschalk and Richard Moore

When they co-founded Panavision and introduced the Super Panatar variable-prism projection lens, Robert Gottschalk and Richard Moore established the company’s commitment to optical excellence and innovative solutions.

Specialized solutions

Former vice president of optics George Kraemer shows off the “mirage lens” made for cinematographer Freddie Young, BSC’s use on director David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia. From the start, Panavision has provided custom solutions to meet filmmakers’ unique needs.

Tak Miyagishima

Panavision’s T Series anamorphic optics are named after the late Takuo “Tak” Miyagishima, the company’s legendary design engineer, seen here with his Gordon E. Sawyer Award from the Academy and Presidents Award from the ASC.

Engraved by hand

Engraver Jerry Snodgrass — now retired but a longtime employee at Panavision’s Woodland Hills headquarters — applies a delicate touch while engraving a lens barrel. All Panavision lenses are hand-assembled in-house and with the utmost care by our expert craftspeople.

Creative collaboration

Prep often includes a conversation between the filmmakers and Panavision’s optics team. Here, cinematographer Phedon Papamichael, ASC, GSC (center) works with Dan Sasaki, Panavision’s senior vice president of optical engineering and lens strategy, to fine-tune his lens choice.

Sharing our passion

Around the globe, Panavision is committed to sharing the company’s optical expertise and latest innovations with filmmakers at all stages of their careers. Here, Panavision Australia national sales and marketing manager Nic Godoy leads a workshop for local camera assistants.

Continuing legacy

Filmmakers continually find new applications for Panavision’s legacy optics, such as when director Quentin Tarantino (pictured) and cinematographer Robert Richardson, ASC employed vintage Ultra Panavision 70 lenses for The Hateful Eight.


Sharing our passion. 


At Panavision, we collaborate with filmmakers to support their creative decisions. We also share knowledge and expertise through educational content and initiatives including articles, videos, and live seminars around the world. 

See for yourself. 

Our optics are available through our locations worldwide. Wherever your next project takes you, we’re ready to support your creative vision.