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Best-in-class solutions for all your power needs.

Panalux Power’s inventory of power solutions includes cutting-edge all-electric and hybrid systems as well as traditional generators. Whatever your production requires, Panalux Power has the solutions to bring your vision to light.

Our Latest Products 


2000 watts. All electric.


Electric power. 4000 watts.


Run silent. Go anywhere.

Choose eco-conscious power.

Panalux Power’s innovative all-electric and hybrid offerings provide a wide range of environmental benefits without compromising on output or reliability. 


Providing power for every situation.

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Panalux Power i-Series

Super-portable all-electric power.


The i-Series range of silent-running rechargeable lithium-ion battery arrays feature a robust, compact design, IP55 rating, integrated LCD display, and rugged wheels for easy maneuvering across stages or locations.


Available in multiple capacities, the i-Series provides 240V AC power for lower-wattage fixtures as well as monitors, laptops, phones, and other devices, and can be used as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Panalux Power h-Series

Hybrid solutions for efficient generation.


Panalux Power’s h-Series hybrid generators deliver 240V AC power from a high-capacity lithium-ion battery array. The diesel engine only kicks in to charge the batteries, so the generator never idles, cutting emissions and noise pollution and saving the generator from damage.


Mounted on rugged 4x4 truck bases, the ULEZ-compliant h-Series is ready to roll wherever you need it.

View Panalux Power h40

Traditional Generators

Heavy-duty solutions for large-scale applications.


Panalux Power’s fleet of traditional generators are ready to continue meeting the demands of the biggest lighting setups for large-scale features, series, commercials, and events.



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