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Cutting-edge technology.

Supporting visionary artistry.


Galixy offers support for cloud-based, traditional, and hybrid workflows, placing total control at the client's fingertips.

Ever-expanding capabilities.


Galixy is constantly growing, with new features added regularly.

FDL Generator 



Take control of framing.


Using the ASC Framing Decision List specification, Galixy's free FDL Generator enables framing decisions to be precisely conveyed from prep through finishing.


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Metadata Tracking 



Track projects from anywhere.


Galixy allows you to track color and framing from set to delivery, across multiple projects, with on-demand access to OCF and dailies metadata from anywhere.


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Pull Requests 



Automate your workflow.


Galixy streamlines workflows for VFX and marketing pulls, with instant feedback, fast turnarounds, and support for TSV files directly from Avid bins, no conversions necessary.


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Production tested.

Galixy has been deployed on features, series, and more, across North America and beyond. Clients include:

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Make time to be creative.


The increased efficiencies of Galixy enable your time to be spent on what matters most: creativity.