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Sonara 4:4


Featuring an innovative LED light engine, the Panalux Sonara 4:4 delivers soft, wraparound, color-accurate white light with a CCT range of 1,600-20,000K and a built-in library of select LEE Filters gel emulations. The fixture also offers 0-100% dimming, flicker-free performance tested to 10,000 fps, full connectivity options including native LumenRadio CRMX, and a range of control modes that can be easily navigated via detachable controller and intuitive user interface.







Product Details

Manufacturer Panalux
Model Sonara 4:4
Dimensions (mm)(in) 1248 x 1248 x 135 
Variant 4:4
Type Soft Light
Power Draw (W) 1500
Supply Connector 1 x Powercon True1 In, Head
Lux @ 3M (3200K) 2197 (Spot)
Lux @ 3M (5600K) 2197 (Spot)
TLCI 95.5
CRI 96.3
SSI 82
Built in Effects No
Connector Type 1 x Powercon True1 In, Head
CCT Range 1600-20000K
Light Aperture 1196 x 1196
Beam Angle Max (°) 120
Battery Operated No
High Speed Capability Yes
Protection Rating IP20
Mounting 28mm Spigot / M12 fixings
Panalux SKU HIN98AR
Part Number PSW44
Weight (kg)(lbs) 44.0097

Ultra-soft light: With a wide aperture and 120-degree beam angle, Panalux Sonara produces a powerful, diffuse output that wraps around any subject. 


Remarkably precise white: Precise white color-temperature light allows for accurate, natural skin-tone rendering. Panalux Sonara can also be tuned across a wide array of nuanced pastel hues and selected LEE Filters lighting gels, further expanding your creative possibilities.  


Comprehensive control: The removable controller allows flexibility and versatility on set, with White, HSI, Gel, Primary/Clone, and x y Coordinate modes.  


Enhanced connectivity: Incorporating unrivaled connectivity options with native LumenRadio CRMX, ArtNet, and Primary/Clone functionality, Panalux Sonara allows you to connect however your job demands. 


Created by and only available from Panalux.

Panalux Sonara 4:4 Spec Sheet

Overview of the key features and specs of the Panalux Sonara 4:4 variable-white LED soft light.

Download PDF

Panalux Sonara 4:4 Technical Drawings

Dimensional drawings of the Panalux Sonara 4:4 variable-white LED soft light.

Download PDF

Panalux Sonara Family Manual

User manual detailing the features and operation of the Panalux Sonara range of variable-white LED soft lights.

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